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Shiatsu is a powerful massage technique from Japan, a country that is primarily associated with the celebration of beauty and where taking care of yourself is not an everyday routine but a rich art ritual. It combines the tradition of oriental medicine with the achievements of modern Western medicine in the field of anatomy, physiology, physiotherapy, osteopathy, affects both the body and the mind/emotions. Shiatsu massage is a deeply relaxing treatment and introduces the body into a state of balance and harmony. Stimulating our vitality and activating processes of regeneration and healing the body. It mainly involves the use of pressure using the thumbs, hands, elbows, feet and knees. The excellent health effects obtained by working with this method meant that in 1964 the Japanese government officially recognized it as a healing therapy. Shiatsu is an effective method that works on migraines, depression, backache, as well as supports the digestive system and accelerates metabolism. Massage has a beneficial effect on our bodies. Metabolic balance follows, health improves, headaches disappear, and it also affects toothache, sinusitis, and edema. Positive effect on regeneration and stimulation - a person after the massage feels refreshed and relaxed, the body returns to balance both physical and spiritual.


This is another exotic relaxation massage showing effects not only on our body but also on the emotional and mental sphere. It came to us from Hawaii and has quite an interesting tradition in the local culture. Originally, this massage was performed by Kahun, or ancient Hawaiian shamans with healing powers. The treatment was carried out on a stone altar, hence its name "temple massage" and also because it had from the beginning a strong spiritual and therapeutic significance. The lomi lomi massage was treated then as a kind of ritual, its performance lasted several hours, with the participation of songs and dances.

The name of the massage fully reflects its meaning and the philosophy behind it. The word lomi comes from Hawaiian and means "push", "rub", "knead". In literal translation, it means "touching with a soft paw of a satisfied cat". It affects not only the physical realm of man, but also the emotional and spiritual spheres, because the masseur also works on the positive programming of the patient's mind.

In the physical sphere:

  • stimulates circulation,
  • makes stiff joints more flexible,
  • softens hardened tissues causing general relaxation,
  • has a positive effect on the discomforts of circulatory, digestive, bone or genitourinary systems.

Hawaiian massage has a natural and gentle influence on the patient's psyche. During the massage emotional energy accumulated in the muscles is released. The Lomi Lomi massage is often done in a specific intention, which will be made very soon afterwards. It helps to free yourself from unpleasant memories, to throw away the subconscious traumatic events, blocking personal development and achieving success and happiness in life. Helps to focus on what is happening HERE and NOW, find yourself in the surrounding reality. That is why this massage is a great form of treatment for people who are overworked, feel long-lasting tension, stress, suffering from anxiety disorders and even depression.

Lomi Lomi releases positive energie. Problems and situations that previously appeared to be insurmountable find simple solutions or simply cease to irritate.

It brings a lot of light and love to the surrounding world to the consciousness of the person and restores inner peace, which consequently leads to loving ourself. And this is the key to achieving anything that we dream of. Thanks to Lomi Lomi, our soul and body reach equilibrium. Harmony of body and soul allows you to open up to changes.


This is one of the varieties of Thai massage, the classic version of which has evolved over the centuries. Although the traditional and oldest version of the Thai massage is a dry massage, the type with the use of relaxing scented oils has also been developed. This type of treatment is also more subtle and delicate for the person being massaged. Just like the classic version of Thai massage, it involves compressing and stretching the muscles using the hands, elbows, fingers and forearms, but the movements used are gentle and not so deep. The selection of the right essential oil is of key importance in this type of treatment, the most common are extracts of lavender, palisander, sandalwood, rose and ylang-ylang. Essential oils not only stimulate the senses, but above all have nutritional properties. The combination of health movements and aromatherapy affects the body with relaxation, while improving the functioning of the immune and nervous system. Thai massage with oils is recommended primarily for people who can not use the classic version - whether for health reasons, or because of its intensity. This type of treatment is an excellent form of relaxation for all stressed and busy people who want to release their body and mind from too much tension. Thai oil massage clearly improves the functioning of blood, lymphatic, nervous and immune systems. Nourishes and nourishes the skin, relieves the pain of the neck, neck, arms, back, pelvis and legs.


Classical Thai Massage is derived from ancient Chinese medical knowledge combined with the technique of acupressure, Ayurveda and passive yoga. This massage consists in the slow and rhythmic oppression of certain parts of the muscles so as to make them loose. The ritual begins with a foot massage, through successive parts of the body, heading towards the head, which in the philosophy of Buddhism is a holy point. It is performed with the hands, thumbs, wrists, forearms as well as elbows, knees, and feet.

Importantly, the massage is not performed in one position. The person being massaged arranges during the procedure in various positions characteristic of yoga, in which he massages subsequent parts of the body. This solution fulfills two important functions - pressure on the muscles leads to their loosening and release from painful contraction, which facilitates energy flow freely in the body, while yogic postures stimulate circulation and positively affect the mobility of joints. Unlike the Balinese massage, the classic Thai massage does not use essential oils, so it is a dry massage.

Classic Thai Massage is a great way to release from fatigue and stress.


This massage with hot herbal punches comes from Thailand, where it has been used for over 400 years. According to tradition, this treatment is performed using specially prepared cotton stamps, filled with aromatic herbs, fruits and spices with medicinal properties. Before starting the massage, the punches are heated to a temperature that allows to free the essential oils from the herbs, and then massaged them into the body.

The massage with herbal stamps uses curcuma, lemongrass, cinnamon, ginger, coffee, cloves, guarana, sea salts, eucalyptus leaves and algae, whose stimulating and lipolytic properties are used in anti-cellulite and slimming aids. The intense aroma of herbs that grows during the treatment is of great therapeutic importance.


Soothes for the body and the soul. The balinese massage is a massage that benefits from the Chinese and the Indian medicine. The traditional Balinese massage uses deep hand effects, yoga elements, acupressure and reflexotherapy to relax muscles and stimulate the body to achieve a state of harmony of body, mind and soul. Recommended especially for people who spend many hours in a sitting position, stressed out, struggling with neck and spine pains. Balinese massage is also relaxing with soothing aromas of essential oils, candlelight and oriental music. The perfect offer for a massage for two.


Coconut oil called "the healthiest oil on earth" has a comprehensive care, health and rejuvenating effect. Massage with warm oil is soothing for dry skin, it moisturizes, smoothes and makes the skin more elastic. The massage technique based on long, stroking movements stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems, accelerating the removal of excess water from the body. The ritual takes place with delicate music, and the floating scent of coconut oil helps to calm down and relax.


An extremely relaxing and revitalizing massage, with argan oil. It is the richest in properties nurturing oil in the world, known as the elixir of youth. This massage provides the skin with an adequate level of hydration and makes it nourished and regenerated.